HTML5 Player lacking controls

I don’t know if there was a recent update within the past week, but a friend often invites me to watch videos from Youtube with them. That being said, last week we watched some things with no problems. Yesterday, when I created a random room, I noticed that the video player was not properly working.

–The video was jumping backwards randomly, sometimes as far back as 2-3 seconds, sometimes the video would restart.
–The yellow “seek” bar was not advancing but the video was still playing, even though it was behaving erratically.
–The play button on the bottom of the player was disabled so I could not pause the video without clicking directly on the video itself, even if I was the one who added it to the playlist.

I had to tell my friend to stop the video because it was jumping around. They suggested to reduce the video resolution in an attempt to fix it, but:

–When I tried clicking on the settings icon, the only available option was full screen.
–Right-clicking on the player brought up Youtube video player options such as “stats for nerds”, and “copy video URL”, and clicking on “About HTML5 Player” takes me to the Youtube HTML5 features page.

My friend was not experiencing any issues. I am currently using Firefox 49 on my desktop, and Firefox 44 on my laptop. My operating systems are Windows 10 free beta and Windows XP respectively. I tested this issue out on Chrome and Microsoft Edge and the issues are still present so it’s not a browser issue.

I had to create this account just to report this issue to the forums. I really like this platform and the way it is set up. I love a side by side chat window with video player, and I really do not want to abandon this platform in favor of another just because I can no longer use the video player features.

Is there a way to fix this, or is this a bug some other users have experienced?

If there are any users experiencing this problem, please be sure to come forward so that watch2gether knows :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks a lot for your bug report. Do i understand you correctly that you have these player issues no matter which browser or operation system you are using? Is this problem tied to one specific room or does it also happen when you create another new room?

That is correct, it has occurred on both WIndows XP and WIndows 10. I have used three separate browsers (different versions of one), and have opened at least 5 different random rooms. The player responds the same way for me no matter what.

Can you send me the link to one of these rooms to ? I’ll have a look then!