How to use Watch2Gethe on the Course Platform

Good Night, I would like to watch the Udemy course classes with my friend because of the pandemic we are fulfilling the social isolation, however, by placing the link to the video lesson, the player did not reproduce the lesson on my friend’s screen, not being able to watch simultaneously

Is this a public link that you can share? Then i can have a look.

the link is only valid for those who have purchased the course, in this case, my friend and I have the purchased course.

there is the link:

Yes this seems to be behind a login. Do i understand you correctly that the video works for you on Watch2Gether but not for your friend? Can you provide some more details on whats not working for him? Is the popup window not opening at all? Which browser is your friend using? Did he/she install the browser extension?

in fact the video works for we two, but not simultaneously. So each one watches independently.
his browser is Google Chrome, and mine is MicroSoft Edge.
And my problem specifically is to make the pause and play button work simultaneously on my computer and my friend’s.

Do both of you see a green bar on top of the video window? This indicates that Watch2Gether was able to find & control the video in the site.

it’s exactly this green bar that didn’t work very well, the player / pause button doesn’t work just the timeline ball that works. And as I said the video only plays independently when playing with the video’s own player button