How to transfer a playlist from Personal to Public?

I have spent nearly a day creating a playlist with friends on a temporary page, only to decide we loved this client. I created an account and transferred our playlist one by one to a new, saved playlist only to find out that I had accidentally transferred the entire thing to a personal playlist. Is there anyway to make it public so that all of my friends can enjoy and edit the playlist again? Having to go through all of that work again would be a nightmare.

Please send me an email with a link to the room and the name of the playlist and i will change it for you!

I have no idea how to send you an e-mail, however here is the link to the playlist; […] <3 Thank you so much!

Also, the name of the playlist is called “Memers” hehe

Alright, i have a look into this on Monday. PS: Please do not post the link to your room here publicly unless you want a lot of uninvited visitors :wink:

Thank you so much! It would be greatly appreciated! <3 The playlist is still personal, but we have been added to it in anticipation of all being able to use it soon.

This shoud be done now.