How to get Watch2Gether API

Hello. I’m currently working on a Discord Bot, and want to make a command where a user can create a Watch2Gether room. This would require some sort of API to make a HTTP request.

I know people were able to get the API when one of the staff private messaged them.

I just sent you a PM!

Thank you for the response!

Hiya! I’d love access to this API too <3

Hi, I’m working on a mobile app, and I would like to be able to access your api and api documentation.

Thank you

can i have the access to the api too?

Could I get an API too? (: please

Could I alsooooooo gat an API? :3

Please help me with the API

Can i get the API too please

Yes please APi would be great thanks.

Would love access to the API as well.