How to change the video that starts

I really like this website but I haaaaaaate that the intro video is that weird llama video. Why can’t we just set a custom video as our intro video to the room? Is there no way of doing that?

Thanks for your input. We will try to rotate those videos in the future to make it less annoying. When you have Watch2Gether +PLUS as the room owner, the start video is not automatically reset when everyone leaves the room.

Another suggestion I have for this website would be to clean up the links. I don’t know if it’s that simple but one thing I loved about was that the links to the rooms were extremely clean and easy to share with people. I do like knowing that if you get the +Plus subscription it makes it so that those videos don’t play anymore. One question, if you get the +Plus subscription does it get rid of all the ads for everyone in the room and the Watch2Gether shorts bar at the bottom? If not I feel like there should be a way of taking that out. I understand keeping it there if its the free rooms but for a +Plus member there should be complete control of customization. Little things like that make a huge difference and I am loving this website a ton, just the small things like that could make the experience so much better. Just so you know this was not just something I felt, but the 5 other people that I watched stuff with also felt the same.

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it! Yes a room that is created by a +PLUS user does not contain any banner ads for all users visiting that room and it allows you to remove all video suggestions!

When you click on Invite Friends at the top you get a short link to share. Is that what you were looking for?

What I meant with the link thing I was talking about was that it would be nice if the links were cleaner. Like for example if I had a room named “cookies” if the link was something like “” that would be awesome instead of a bunch of random stuff. Like I said I don’t know if it’s that simple for you guys to implement but it’s a small quality of life thing that would make it nicer to share. Everything else has been answered thanks!

Thanks for the info. On Watch2Gether room names are not unique therefore you need some kind of random string in the URL to make it unique. But i get your point, just the name would be easier to remember and regocnice.