How do you freaking get the movies?

maybe its just me, but if you cant use rented movies, and you cant use prime movies, how are you supposed to play something fro everyone to see? It is not sensible for 6 to 10 people to each pay out 5 dollars for a rented movies dont you think? Am i missing something? Is there a data base where i can click on movies for us to watch? Is there a website attached to this so i can get content to play for my group? i am confused…


I am assuming people have downloaded movies they play? i wouldn’t have that kind of thing on my pc but maybe other people do?

I’m curious about this too. So far I have played a couple of films that were available for free on youtube, which has worked so far since they were films my group wanted to watch…but now we’re running out of options.

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I don’t think we should be talking about this on here. There is a no piracy discussion rule and just because it is on Youtube doesn’t mean its legal. It just means that no one has found it, yet.


i figured out a way to watch movies and all that stuff. all it requires is google chrome. when you are in the room, on the left to search bar press a 3 by 3 expanding thingy ( thingy lol ) then go on down to watch2gether sync. after that you find a movie site that ya know and paste it in the search bar and click it then when prompted download the extension to your computer. Now go back and click the link or re paste and boom. press link after you found the site and movie you want to watch and choose the seperate window that pops up if you dont want people looking at your whole computer. not a good tutorial cus im in a rush but i hope you can understand and it is helpful.

almost forgot to mention the fact that you must have google chrome if your friends want to watch with you because they need the extension as well.

@s.scotti9999 thanks for your message. It reminds me that we need to improve the documentation of the W2gSync feature. Let me add, that you actually don’t need to select the W2gSync option before pasting the link into the search bar. It will be automatically activated when a link can not be played by a direct player integration.

watch movies with me on watch2gether How do you freaking get the movies?

have u seen the new star wars?