How do I get notifications when people enter and exit my room?

I’ve got a pro subscription and am using a permanent room that I’m the admin of. I’m on a MacBook Pro using Chrome. (I suppose I could always switch to Firefox for just this site, if it helps.) What I want is to easily see notifications when people enter and exit the room. I’m also OK seeing other chat notifications, like when the song changes. But mostly I care about people entering and exiting.

But I don’t see any notifications anywhere. What this means is just that I end up going to the W2G tab and seeing that they’re gone, or that they entered. I’m not saying this is a bug; maybe it’s just a setting, or something I need to fiddle with to get it to work. Any tips?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Push notifications for a room are only sent if your are not online in the room. Do you get notifications about people joining when you are not online?

Oh interesting! lol I don’t know! I’m really the one in the room the most, and I don’t want to bother people to test otherwise right now.

Personally I’d love to know if someone’s in there with me too, though; it’s kind of a togetherness/feel-good thing, which is most of what I like about W2G. (No worries, I’m not leaving the platform without this kind of notifications, I’d just love to have it!)

Yeah i understand your point… If the tab is in the background you get notifications in the tab title “(<notification count))” … Additionally you can enable a notification sound under “Personal Settings”. This sound is played when there is a new chat message while the tab is in the background. I hope this helps a little bit… Florian