HLS Support, allow playing .m3u8 files natively

A lot of videos are in HLS format with urls that look like: https://d3lfooqoa7nzjz.cloudfront.net/sweat-and-tone/6825/nocnmu70HlA/playlist.m3u8

It would be really nice if HLS was supported natively - perhaps through GitHub - video-dev/hls.js: JavaScript HLS client using Media Source Extension

While I could use something like players.akamai.com to share the webpage, it still requires everyone to install the extension and the integration doesn’t feel as nice.

Thanks for your feedback. Currently the player only support MPEG-DASH and not HLS. I’ll look into hls.js though!

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This should work now!

Amazing! This is simply the best turnaround time I’ve ever seen in dev! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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