Hiding chat to expand video into a "Cinema Mode"

Just a very simple request:

Please allow us to either hide the chat frame or at least collapse it to the side so we can expand the video similar to a “Cinema Mode” that’s on YouTube. Whenever myself or friends use Watch2Gether, we are all using Mumble (VoIP) and find the chat frame to be a waste of space on the viewing page.

Also, allowing us to “turn off the lights” or darken the frames surrounding the video would be very welcome - again, similar to the “Cinema Mode” on YouTube.


EDIT: Nevermind too much, I found a Stylish userscript that basically does what I described above.

Thanks a lot for your input. I’m glad you could help yourself… and I will consider your idea for the ongoing development.

Do you have a link to the script?

Here: https://userstyles.org/styles/116364/bigger-darker-watch2gather

You’ll need to modify the script with Stylish to apply to the address:


Instead of:


The userscript works okay, but it really would be awesome if there was simply a ‘Theatre Mode’ button like on Twitch.Tv that full screens within the browser window but doesn’t actually full screen the entire monitor. Then you can switch between Chrome tabs and come back to Watch2Gether and see the video in full screen there.

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