Grouping/Play Once/Improved Random

Grouping - Using a folder like structure, grouping your videos inside of playlists. This makes it easier to organize a playlist, move many items around and further more, improving random video playing, but having the Improved Random, where it doesn’t just randomize what video or song to play next, but also goes between categories.
Play Once - This is useful for when wanting to share short form content or just watch a video once in a room and then have the item simply removed. And as it is play once, it can be added to the list and appear at random so that there’s no need for someone to manually remove the play once item from the list.
Improved Random - Using tags, either from the video meta data or manually made tags, allowing to play random but only picking among the selected tag(s). While also being able to set to swap between what Group* to stay within, for how many videos at a time. Eg. Random with the negative tag of “food” would avoid various food tagged videos on a list, while the Positive tag of “food” would only play anything tagged with the food tag. Then random behaviour settings being a separate thing, that effects when to swap group or not. An alternate solution would be to instead randomize over multiple playlists, Grouping* would then be helpful for the purpose of moving or copying part of a playlist over to another playlist.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions to improve the playlist system. Don’t you think that using multiple lists instead of one could provide a similar kind of experience when it comes to organizing content?