Green video sync bar wont appear in Opera GX

Hello! I use Opera GX and recently there was been issues with using the green bar at the top not working, but today I didn’t see it at all! when I opened the video nothing appeared on the top of the screen, and it was like it opened in a New Opera window, instead of a special W2G window. i uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, still nothing. it was working just fine yesterday! well, as fine as it could be, at least the video would sync even though i couldn’t used the top green bar to pause, i would have to use the pause button on the watch together website to do so.
I see you already have bug reports on the green bar not being able to pause, but i wanted to let you know that I didn’t see it at all, hopefully things will get fixed soon! thanks a bunch. and everything functioned fine and normally until an update i guess?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I rolled out an update yesterday which fixed the issue with the green bar not working but caused a new issue with Opera GX. At the moment it seems to me that there is something broken specifically in Opera GX since the regular Opera works fine. Opera GX is still at version 85 while the regular Opera is at 86. I hope once GX has been updated to 86 the extension should work fine again. I will try to further investigate this but for the moment i can only reccommend to use a different browser.

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