Great redesign!

Great redesign.
Now instead of having dedicated areas to look at things or change them I have to switch tabs on the goddamn chat. Instead of having the left side of the site be a nice hide-able playlist area I have to switch tabs on the chat to get to videos if I wanna move or delete them and it’s such a small area it’s even hard to click on them to drag them around or delete them. GREAT!
Now instead of scrolling down in general to get to videos I have searched for I need to have my mouse honed in on the middle of the site before I can scroll down to click them, then add them to the playlist I have to switch tabs out of the chat to look at. Fantastic!
Now instead of being able to see the whole site, the chat taking up the majority of the right side it’s only a portion of it, with empty space on top that’s not used up at all and the videos take up a MINUSCULE portion of the already unused space on-screen. MMM ARTISTIC!
Hey I have an idea. Stop breaking things, who gave this garbage the green light? WHY would you let me pop out the chat if I can’t move it? It still blocks the playlist, minimising it is THE SAME THING as switching the tab! It was at least passable before, now it looks like some kinda stupid XAT interface but actively trying to avoid using onscreen space. What the hell.


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