Ghost profiles and chat permanence

Not sure if anyone else is having an issue but two of my friends are experiencing a case of ghosting. The chat will say they’re offline, or they left, but they’re still on the chat and able to talk. Aside from that the chat permanence is gone, any chance that will be coming back? That was really helpful for those who have less stable internet connections. Every time they disconnect and get back on we have to repeat over and over.

Thanks lot for your feedback. I migrated the back-end last week to a more scalable system but the feature chat persistence is missing right now. I will try to bring it back as soon as possible. Regarding the ghost profiles: Are you friends known for having an unstable internet connection?

One of them is, but the other has had a fairly stable internet connection as far as I know of. One having to share wifi on a college campus, and the other has a wired connection at home. Thanks for the response and I gotta say, W2G has been a wonderful improvement from Tinychat, what we used before for our group of friends, so thanks again for that as well.

Thanks for the Info. Do you know which browsers your friends are using?

One uses Chrome, the other uses Firefox. Hopefully this helps.

I made a small tweak to the presence system, which might help in your case. Let me know if you guys see a difference.

Haven’t had an issue yet, thanks a bunch.

Ok, one has encountered the issue, but his computer is on its last legs and he’s getting a new one in a few days, we’ll see if it has to do with his computer then.

Thanks for the update. Let me know if the issue happens with the new computer as well.