General problems

Hi all … basically i cant use watch2gheter … i open a room , copy a link in the searching box , click on search and i found it … then i click on the video and often nothing happen … sometimes the video start if i keep refresh the page , but even like that , i cant change the volume , i cant place the video at 7 or 8 m for example , there is not the line where u can select at what time u want to play the video… im sorry for my bad english and i hope someone of u can help me , thanks

Hi Lorenzo, which browser / version are you using? Does the site work when you open it in an incognito window?

Hello I’m aldo diaz from Mexico, I have a problem, it turns out that yesterday during a transmission that I have, 6 videos were interrupted and the truth is, it is not known who is responsible for my live transmission.

Hey, i’m afraid i don’t really understand the issue you are having. Can you describe it more in detail?