Fullscreen won't work on Firefox (now latest, 45.0.1) neither on Google Chrome (also latest, 49.0.262..)

So basically we’ve been using Watch2Gether for a long time, and in the last 2 months the fullscreen mode doesn’t seem to work. Is there a fix for this, if this is a bug of our PCs or is it an internal error? Thanks in advance.

The fullscreen mode works fine for me with both Chrome and Firefox. Could you be a bit more specific on what exactly is not working?

I’m able to play videos from any site supported by watch2gether, I can change video resolution, volume, play/pause, and jump to specific point. When I’m trying to click on the fullscreen button, simply nothing happens. And it’s not only me, all my friends are reporting the same issue.

In Chrome, can you copy the following into the address bar “chrome://settings/contentExceptions#fullscreen” Check if you find any Watch2Gether related entries and remove them. Then try to use the fullscreen button again.