Fullscreen doesn't work on iOS 12

Pressing the fullscreen button in the cog in all browsers returns an empty alert dialog. Tried Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, etcetera.


Thanks that did help indirectly - we had no problem making the screen full-sized, but I hadn’t tried sliding the browser window to the left instead of the right where the additional cruft wont cover the video window as we type.


Yes, pressing fullscreen there does not work. I’m not sure what you mean by 6.0, I run Apple iOS 12 on a non jailbroken iPhone.

That’s OK. I guess the extension update bears no relevance to this case as I’m not using it. Still an issue.

There are Few new sites with being Rabb.it shut down. :grinning: I think you installed the wrong extension and one of those.

I am in iOS 13 with the same issue

I am having the same problem on iOS 13. Doesn’t work on any browser

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