Friends are watching AGDQ (twitch), and my tab wont load

As above my stream wont even start playing, disabled all widgets, extensions and no result.
no matter how many times i refresh the page or login as other account nothing.

it really annoys me…

oke it is playing now, but it pauses every 10-30 sec and skipped ahead a bunch of seconds then pauses again and waits for the time before it paused catches back up and then resumes playing.

so example, it pauses at 1:29:20 and skips to 1:29:35, and then waits for the original time to catch back up to where it skipped and resumes.

oh and to make it worse, its the AGDQ >LIVE< stream so how the fuck is this happening?

Does the stream play fine when you watch it directly on the Twitch page? You could try to switch to lower resolution in the player menu. Maybe it plays smoother then…