Friend is ahead of me when watching videos

Hi there!

Lately, it seems like my friend is always anywhere 5-10 seconds ahead of me in a video. We measure it by reactions: she’ll mention something that I’ll see a few seconds later, or if we’re calling on discord, we can quote the video and see pretty clearly it’s delayed on my side.

Is there any way to fix this? We’re both using Chrome, running youtube videos without the browser extension.

What kind of video are you watching? One from Youtube?

Yup! Just youtube videos, it happens with anything we put up.

Interesting… I would need the exact browser / version information from both of you. If in doubt you can visit

Hi, late reply.

We’re both using " Chrome 84, Windows 10," and it seems every video is out of sync. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but it’s always off.

For example: I’ll be ahead of her, and pause my video. Her video will skip to my timestamp. When I unpause, my video skips ahead and so does her, but we’ll be on entirely different timestamps (00:02:09 vs 00:02:011).

I read the system for detecting synchronization changed a few months ago to be more accurate, but since then it’s been less accurate. Not sure what more I could do :(.

Hi Gamer, when i understand you correctly the difference between you and your friend is about 2 seconds? Watch2Gether tries to maintain a close sync but sometimes it allows a larger difference in favor of a smooth playback experience depending on the quality of the internet connection. Is one of you on a slower internet line?