Friend consistently 20 seconds ahead of me/ me 20 seconds behind

My friend and I use watch2gether to watch our favorite youtubers together. Lately, they have been about 20 seconds ahead of me. When we pause hte video, my timestamp goes foreward to match theirs, and if we back it up their timestamp goes backwards to match mine, but when I click play they get skipped 20 seconds ahead or if they click play I’m shoved 20 seconds backwards, making it hard to talk about the video together. This including backing it up to the start, where it will wait for about 6 seconds or so then shove me back to the beginning to insist that we’re out of sync.

Thanks for your feedback! The videos you are watching are all from YouTube and you watch them directly on Watch2Gether? (Not through the W2gSync extension)

… can you tell me which browser you are using (exact version would be great) Does it make a difference when you disable all of your browser extensions / or open the site in a anonymous window?

I am using Google Chrome and my friend is using Mozilla Firefox 77.0. I was out of date but not sure what version (though I think I was up to date at time of posting the bug) but incognito was in sync with today’s lag only being about 5 seconds of desync. I just updated Chrome to “Version 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)” and it seems to be syncing us properly again now.

Thanks for your update. How do you exactly measure the lag?

We measure the lag by comparing our timestamps and counting the difference and test it by going to different spots in the videos.