Free Trial to W2G PLUS

I am interested in trying the free trial and then getting W2G plus but when looking through the terms of service it’s not clear how to cancel it before it starts taking the money. Plus the words are set out in a way that leaves doubt about how much you will take and how long it will take it for.
Please if possible set it out in a clear and easy to understand way as to what happens during this process so there is no doubt about what I am letting myself in for when I connect to you with my credit card. Pretend I am a 5-year-old if needed. Otherwise, I don’t think I will be willing to take the risk.

Hi Alan, the first 30 days are free. In your account settings you find links to cancel your subscription which will then terminate at the end of the current monthly billing cycle. No more charges after cancellation. The charge is monthly 3,49$ / 3.49€ depending on where you live. Does that help?

does that include if you cancel before the free trial is over?

Yes, If you can before the free trial is over you are never charged.

This is still not clear how to cancel the subscription.

I went to the icon of a person/ clicked on User/ then preferences in the 1st box AND account in the second box. I then switched the “Title” drop down from ‘plus member’ to ‘none’.

Can you please confirm if this has now cancelled my membership?

If not then please give me detailed instructions as I have just given you?!



Thanks for your post. I’m not sure where you performed the steps you wrote down but it seems like it was here in the forum and not on Watch2Gether’s main site. Here is how to cancel:

Make sure you are logged in your Watch2Gether Account:


On the right click on “Edit Profile”

Then in you account settings on “+PLUS”

Now you should see a list of your subscriptions and an option to cancel.

Let me know if this helps!