Free Rooms/Lobbies

You should add some free watch2gether rooms/lobbies where people just can join when they are bored and watch videos with random people. Better then watching videos alone on youtube :smiley:


Thanks for your input. There were public demo rooms available for a while but the tone in there was often quite rude and it was overall not a very pleasant experience to join them. Maybe someone has an idea how to make public rooms an enjoyable experience?

Maybe some moderators could remove toxic people. A room could be closed to new members when the current ones feel its already a big/good enough group. I really think some communities could raise around it. Theres 24/7 lives on youtube like this.

Some random people could send an invite request, answer simple questions (applying toโ€ฆ) telling why would like to enter the group/room. It would be more toxic free.

Great service btw. Sry my english.

Thanks a lot for your input. Those are some good ideas how to keep toxic people out. I generally agree that public rooms could be a great addition to Watch2Gether. I keep your ideas in mind!

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I rather not have a directory, in a way it overshadowes the good aspects, I mean Look at tinychat for example

but I do like new people that are actually pretty nice people coming in and sharing topics and all that
but thatโ€™s a rare thing to come by nowadays.