Formatting in Chat

Is there any formatting capabilities in the Chat box?

Can we get some formatting in Chat?

Even the basics of Bolding, underlining and possibly coloured text?

This is a nice suggestion. What kind of syntax would expect to bold a word in a chat line?

Could we follow this?

All of the above text suggestions and perhaps tag for underlining text.
can you set up a basic text color selection? (don’t know what syntax)

Thanks for your input. That should pretty simple to add… i’ll have a look into it this week.

bold, italic and strike-through should now work. Give it a try!

It’s not working for me via the syntax provided above. Love the feature that shows if the other people in your room are typing tho!

You are right, i had to roll back the formatting since it has some side effects when posting emojies. I’ll bring back a fixed version tomorrow. Great that you like the typing indicator!

This should work now again!

The first version worked for me. I could type Hello . Now I can’t type bold italics … it’s got to be bold or italic.
Florian … What do you mean by, ‘fixed version’?
Can you add ‘bold italics’ and what would the syntax be?

Yes you are right. Combinations are not working at the moment. It’s a bit tricky to find a setup that does not interfere with URL’s emojis, images and so on. I’ll try to further improve it though!

Would it be possible to disable formatting? Like as an option or something?
It would work for not interfering with special messages (urls and anything that uses special characters) as well as just sending unformatted messages (which is something I’d like).

Maybe \ could be used as an escape for messages?

Thanks for your feedback! Did you encounter any issues when posting “special messages”? Can you give me some examples?