Firewall is blocking Watch2Gether!

A friend of mine (from the UK) would like to watch movies with us. He can use Watch2Gether just fine as long as we are watching something on Youtube. But, when we tried to upload a movie from …, it won’t open for him. He keeps getting the message “This site can’t be reached. … unexpectedly closed the connection. Try checking the connection, Windows Proxy, and the Firewall.” He has tried switching browsers. It still gives him the same thing. We have also tried finding the movie on another site (…). It still gives him an error message that’s the same (except … instead of …). It sounds like his firewall is blocking it from popping up, but he doesn’t know how to get the firewall to unblock Watch2Gether. Can someone tell us how to fix this?

Thanks for your feedback. This error is not related to Watch2Gether. The video site you are trying to access is blocked and not Watch2Gether.

But it’s all video sites. We’ve tried other video sites. It only happens in Watch2Gether when he has to pop open the video. His firewall is blocking it somehow but we don’t know how to turn it off or allow the pop-open videos.

Is this a Firewall installed on your friends computer?

I guess it’s the firewall that came equipped with his Windows computer (Win 10 I think). He’s not very technologically inclined so he doesn’t really know how to stop it from blocking watch2gether & I can’t really help much because I’m also not so inclined. We’re both pretty clueless. I, personally, have never had this issue so I don’t know what the difference could be.

Yes… since he can access Watch2Gether itself i don’t think that there is a general block in place. I assume it’s more some kind of Pop-Up window blocker. It might help to run Watch2Gether in an ingognito window and check if that makes a difference.