Feedback on New Layout

Hi @becca.h.retterath and thanks for your feedback! It could be that you are affected by a bug caused by the Popper Blocker browser extension. Please have a look at this thread and let me know if that helps:

Issues with Popper Blocker Browser Extension

Can you people even MAKE a site that is even worth chatting on? The layout was garbage enough, but you can’t even fix that. Quit being so incompetant, and actually bring the old layout back, or either know how to fix your site!

This is most likely a bug. What do you mean with “Zoomed in chat”? Can you post a screenshot?

I have to zoom out -50% on chrome and every other browser I use to see the chat.

That’s for sure a bug. Which browser / version are you using and what is your screen resolution?

1366x768 and Google Chrome

Hmm, i just checked the site in this configuration and the chat is visible. Can you send me a screenshot to how the site looks on initial load?

yeah, and my apologies for the rant.

I think i found the cause. The issue only appeared with a larger number of users in the room. Everything should be fine now. Thanks and apologies accepted :wink:

the video size seems to have shrunk again
it now has the userlist and video thumbnails taking space
please allow the video to have full height somehow

here are some ideas for this:

  1. moving the userlist to the chat would be likely better for the vast mayority of users, perhaps as a toggle if you really want them below ;I doubt most users manage significantly large rooms
    1.2. otherwise, a switch to hide the userlist
  2. hiding the thumnail panel from view unless scrolled to
  3. fullscreen+chat mode

Thanks a lot for your input! I keep thinking about the user list as well but i did not want to constantly keep changing things. Some people use the webcam feature which requires the avatars to have a certain minimum size. If we place the user list on top of the chat this would lead to pretty small user avatars… But i definitely keep listening to the feedback and there might be changes if i’m convinced it’s for the better for the majority of users.

I’ve found for using webcams it’s better to detach and freely resize and move them around than keeping them as icons
perhaps decoupling webcams and icons would help, or resizing them or moving them when they are webcams?

Yes you are right, that could be an option. I might make a prototype and play around with it a little bit.

Your image cropping feature doesn’t work with .gif images, it creates multiple copies of the image when you try to resize.

Thanks for your feedback! You mean when you try to post animated gifs into the chat?

this new overlay is trash, you can already maximize cams by hand. Now people can accidentally overplay videos by maximizing their cams in place of the youtube feature. Can you separate this from the youtube feed or take it out entirely because this feature is garbage and this better not upload camstreams to youtube. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll change the position of the “play icon” on the cam video so that it’s not activated accidentally.

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Hello! I really like w2g but this layout really bad when it comes to big screens like the space of chat is like it takes up of half of screen, i have screenshot but can’t add here and couldn’t find feedback section, i hope you consider it in future updates…
Edit: I use Firefox btw