Feedback on New Layout

The new Watch2Gether Design (Beta) can be tested by adding “?new_client=1” to any room URL. Please provide feedback on the new design here. Thanks a lot!


Maybe a Nightmode for the Playlist at left. But i like the new design :slight_smile:

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Thanks for you feedback! You other colors for the playlist?


Th chat box, does not scroll back automatically is annoying having to scroll every time we chat :confounded:


Thanks for your feedback. You mean its not scrolling to the newest message? Which browser are you on?

I really like the bigger player. I’d like to suggest an option that replaces the chat with a multi grid video chat… cause we like to use W2T a bit like Skype.


I also have issues with chat not scrolling to the newest message. Need to scroll every time. Browser Google Chrome
Same problem with old design too

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Thanks… Do you know the version of your Chrome browser?

The issue with the chat not scrolling should be fixed now.

Not a bad look! It’s very modern, and I kinda like it! But it needs a “Disable Sticky Player” option.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, i can put that option back in.

Interesting design overhaul.

Personally I don’t like it that the video scales with the website when I’m using it in fullscreen. But then when scaling the window the new look adapts better. Maybe a checkbox to switch from?

Video search and selection is not accessible when the website is scaled (splitscreen or high website zoom).

The removal of the grid button to choose source of the video might confuse some users. I think it is a good decision and unclutters the site. But also I think the source button should indicate that it is clickable or show that you have more to choose from.

I don’t know how I feel about the chat. In one hand it is more slim and uses less place and in the other hand the messages are confusing. If I can explain the problem: The User joined messages should just contain the username in the message itself (UserXYZ joined.) instead of displaying it like the User wrote User joined in the chat. Imagine it like these are supposed to be channel/server messages. Another point is that the Play and Suggestion messages aren’t distinguishable from another anymore.

What I also like is that the thumbnails and video selection boxes scale and dont take too much space anymore.

All in all I appreciate the changes. I love your active development. Keep it up!

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Love it! Thanks so much guys!

What happened to the playlist feature? How do i add a whole playlist from YouTube ? Do i have to individual select and add each video to the playlist

If i refresh, the chat history disappears. Possible for the chat history to stay permantly in the room?

@florian Would love to see some type of arrow to collapse / expand the sidebar / chat for when we want to watch the video in a larger view without total full screen (like multitasking)

New design looks good, only thing is the scroll bar feels dangerously close to the “x” to remove videos from the playlists.

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The only major issue I’ve come across is what @muhdiboy stated - Video search and selection doesn’t show up if the window is scaled. I typically use W2G for one half of my monitor and use the other half for other things, like Discord, so I’d appreciate being able to select or search a video in split-screen.

I’m using an ultrawide monitor (2560x1080) and the video player is too big to watch non-fullscreen. I am unable to use the volume and other controls without having to scroll down and when doing so it moves the video to the side.

Thanks a lot everyone for providing so much & helpful feedback! I’ll address these issues in the coming days and update this thread accordingly.