Feature Request

  • A shuffle feature that plays songs in a random order.
  • A right click context menu for songs in the playlist. especially “play next” option. other options could be “add to a existing playlist” “do not play today” etc.
  • maybe a integration of infinitejukebox/ethernaljukebox. sourcecode is FOSS on github.
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Hey & thanks for your feedback! The playlist system does actually have a shuffle feature. At the top left of a playlist your find a shuffle icon, when activated the items in the list are played in random order. Can you explain the idea of integrating ethernaljukebox a little bit?

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hey thanks for the quick reply. sorry that i took some time to come back to you.

so first of all thanks for the shuffle button, my bad eyes, i didnt see it.

so, what ethernaljukebox does is pretty simply but yet very magical. it breaks down a song into it beats, creating a pie chart in the size of the total beats that occur in a song. each beat has a different flavor per se, since a song is always dynamic. coincidencially, songs have repeating patterns and finding these repeating patterns is what ethernaljukebox does.
for each beat that is almost similar, aka above a “identical” threshold, it gives the playback a chance to branch to that other pie during play!
some songs generate a lot of branches, some create less branches.
the joy comes from listening to music in a different way, listening to a piece of art in a sense that gives you the stimulation of patterns but you decide when it stops.

why do i want to see the feature in w2g? well the technology has been around since some time but hasnt spread far, mostly due to nonexistent monetizing of such. but i still believe it should be available to a large scope of people, especially those that arent geeks like me. in other words, we are running out of websites that host this amazing piece of FOSS.

cheers, Vanqy

Thanks a lot for that intro to ethernaljukebox! It sounds amazing and i’ll have a look at it. I just wonder how a group experience of this could look like. Does the software play a random new version of the song? Or is it somehow interactive so that users can influence the playback?

Hello Florian,

sorry for the late reply. Yes actually user can interact with the jukebox in a way that modifies how likely the player is going to branch between different beats, what the probability ranges are, the minimum branch distance, the similarity threshold and more.

here is a working mirror of EJ: The Eternal Jukebox