Failed to watch with friends

I tried out this platform with about 10 friends tonight. Only 2 people could watch a YouTube video with me and enable microphone and video. Everyone else had a combination of either no sound, camera, or couldn’t see the video. A very frustrating experience!

Are there some phones, tablets, or operating systems that are just incompatible with this platform? I’d dearly like this to work for my group of friends!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’m sorry that you did not have a good experience on Watch2Gether. Do you know exactly how many users you had online in your room? I’m asking because the cam system only works for up to 10 online users / room and is disabled when there are more users online.

No more than 10 I think? But even with only 5 or 6 most couldn’t get the platform to work.

It should in general work on all browser that support WebRTC (almost all up-to-date browsers) There can be issues if people use really old browsers or if their internet connection has issues.

This site runs a test in the browser and checks for compatibility:

If it does not report any errors the cam system should work on Watch2Gether as well.