Facebook login integration

I know I am posting quite a bit, but I keep coming up with ideas and this place is the only place that is able to meet what I need for a chatroom. I was wondering if there would be a way to possibly allow people to login to the site using their facebook accounts? All of my friends are from facebook it would make things much easier for them if they could use that account to login so they could easily recognize each other. Also, when we go into the chatroom people get confused about where to signup. There doesn’t appear to be a signup button anywhere on the screen that is visible. I hope that can be fixed.


I think a Facebook integration has pros and cons… For now i would rather like to stay independent from Facebook as identity provider. But i agree that its a bit hard to figure out where to sign up for a Watch2Gether account when you directly enter a room without seeing the frontpage first. Im planing to implement an exit page where users have the option to sign up after they have left a room. But a more prominent link within the room might make sense as well…

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