Extension safety concerns

Hiya! Just popping in to talk about the extension that’s available for browsers that allow other links to watch any videos on sites in watch2gether.
I would normally link it or something but I don’t see a point in discussing the safety of it with someone who doesn’t have it or doesn’t know how it works.

A close friend and I have been using the extension to watch videos on various sites in our private room and I was just wondering if there were any potential safety concerns.

I know not a lot is at risk personally, but I just don’t know what’s possible if some sort of hole is in the coding and what potential damage could be done. Though I imagine there’s probably a big red button that just locks a lot of the features up for maintenance.
Sorry if reading all of this was a bit timewaste-y.

Hi there! Is there anything specific your are concerned of? The extension requires a couple of permissions from the browser in order to access and sync the video playing in the room. It’s important to understand though that the extension only becomes active when you open a link through Watch2Gether and not when you surf regularly. This is different from other extensions such as Adblockers that run on any site you visit.