Extension for movies not working

Me and my friends are trying to watch a movie and the movie cannot be synced and can’t be paused, just keeps going i click pause and starts right away plz help

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Im having the same problem

Please update your extension to version 7.0. You will then find additional player controls at the top of the video window!

I am on version 7.0 and its still not working

The system tries to keep everything is sync, therefore it restarts the video when you pause it. To pause for everyone, please use Watch2Gether’s player controls or the ones add by the extension at the top of the video window!

But even if im alone in the watch2gether it still doesnt work. It also starts like 6 seconds in to any movie, and you cant like choose a time in the middle of the movie where you want to keep watching, it just jumps back to the beginning, it worked flawlessly a week ago but now its not working at all

Did you try to use the player controls on Watch2Gether or the ones added at the top of the video window?