Everytime I try to enter a room it says it doesn't exist

I have a lot of rooms made by friends and also me saved, but doesn’t matter wich one I try to enter it always says it doesn’t exist. I tried entering using the normal site and also sharable links.

A few questions:

Do the same rooms work for your friends?
Which browser are you using?
Are the rooms working when you try to enter using an incognito window?

You can also send me an email with a link to one of the rooms and I have a look: support@w2g.tv


Yes my friends can still enter and watch videos in the same rooms
I tried with firefox, opera, chrome and edge and none of them worked
Also tried incognito and it didn’t work the same

I’ll also send you the link to one of my rooms in the e-mail, but I don’t think the problem is in the rooms themselves

Got back to you by email.