Every song video is restricted

My friends in the same room can watch/listen to the song but I cannot. Even videos made by random people re-uploading are blocked.

Hi… are you talking about videos from Youtube? Are those videos also blocked when you try to watch them on Youtube directly?

Yes I am talking about videos from Youtube and no they are not blocked.

Can you post a screenshot of the “Blocked” message? There is no blocking in Watch2Gether so i guess this must be somehow enforced by Youtube…

I’m also getting this message recently. Can anything be done?

Thanks for your feedback. This usually means that the content owner has disabled the playback of the video outside of Youtube. Do you get this on videos from other content owners than “EROS NOW” as well?

Yeah, mostly that and some other music channels like TSeries.

Florian, is there any solution for this video blockage from Youtube?

There is unfortunately no workaround if a YouTube user disabled embedding for their videos.