Every link says it doesnt exist

every single link gives me this answer

What kind of links are this? Links to Watch2Gether rooms? Would you mind posting one here?

normal youtube links like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDvq9USBbUA

also tried some random streamcloud links

How do you try to enter the link? Did you try to paste it into the search bar?

yes i enter the link in the search bar…where else would i even try to oO

and everytime i press enter after that or click on search the error comes up

Thanks… which browser are you using in which version?

latest version of chrome

OK thats interesting… it seems like in your case the search form reloads the entire site instead of making a background request to the server to search for videos. Do you have any extensions installed in chrome? Can you try to disable one by one and see if that makes a difference? (When the site works correctly, it should not reload but display search results underneath the search input.)