Entire laptop crashes when using Watch2Gether Chrome

My new gaming laptop that I received a week ago is completely crashing and begins buzzing after about 5 seconds of using Watch2Gether on Google Chrome. This DOES NOT happen when tested on Microsoft Edge and restarting does not fix the issue. This also has not happened on any other devices.

My laptop: https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS-TUF-Gaming-A15/

Thanks for your feedback! Is this actually something that you can reproduce or did this just happen once. I just tested the site with the latest version of Chrome and i see very little CPU utilization when idle (~ 1%) on my system. Do you have any extensions installed in you Chrome? Does it work better when you open Watch2Gether in an inkognito tab?

Its a very strange issue I will admit, but it ONLY happens on chrome and the only extension I have is Ublock Origin. Again it only happens on this device, but basically everytime I open a Watch2Gether room, after a few moments my entire computer, not just chrome, but everything crashes and I have to restart my PC. I haven’t tested on incognito.

Yes, would be interesting to figure out what happens. Did you try to open your task manager? Might make sense to check if’s really the Chrome process that makes trouble. Does the same thing happen when you create and join a new empty room?

This is a very, very weird issue. Yesterday I tried on incognito and nothing happened, AND I also tried on non-incognito and it was fine. THEN today I tested again and it was alright for a few minutes until it happened AGAIN and my entire laptop crashed. Didn’t have time to open task manager when it crashed but my CPU is around 10-12% and memory around 20%. It’s happened when I create and join a room yes.

What happened in the room before the crash? Where you watching a video from Youtube or from another platform?

Just youtube, nothing else

I really dont know what to do at this point, other than switch to Firefox or something

Thanks for your reply… it’s tricky since i hear about this for the first time. Is it always working fine when you use an incognito window? Did you try to disable all of your browser extensions to check if that makes a difference. Often these kind of issues are caused by incompatible browser extensions.

Hey, it’s the same for me. The PC crash happens when somebody pause the video in the room. (Randomly doing this.) :cry: