Emulating a channel

Hey. This is a pretty expansive idea, though I would like to run a ‘channel’ on a website, and watch2gether seems like a really good idea for how to accomplish it.
To do it, and have a channel branding it’d either work by - A. Being able to store user custom overlays on the video player for videos (ehhh) - Or B. Ability to cue up direct video files on the player (direct links to videos hosted somewhere, such as a .mov file). Theoretically you might be able to host it on a private video on Vimeo, though I doubt it.

Other things that it would probably need (or that I haven’t found): 1. Embed-able video with just the video with quality, volume and a tasteful link to W2G (no timeline, to better emulate a channel). - And 2. Persistent channels that can run without being occupied for a set period of time (if the mod drops connection, or you want to sequence videos to play while you’re not there).
… This would work so that the channel order would be edited by a channel mod on w2g, and the video would show on embedded video. The persistent channel thing I imagine might take a little bit of creativity, as I think that W2G operates on whether a channel has viewers. That’s about the idea.

Hi there, thanks a lot for you input. To give you something to start with… there is a way to embbed a Watch2Gether room into a website.
Have look here: https://www.watch2gether.com/static/how_to_embed_a_watch2gether_room_V2.pdf

Regarding the private video… i agree that this would be a great feature. It is, however, not so eays to deal with copyright issues in this situation…

It may be good to add allow=“autoplay” to the iframe embed code for some browsers so the video automatically starts when the page is loaded.

I can’t find that link? Is there another way to embed a room into your website?

Currently there is no official way to embed a Watch2Gether room.

You know I would pay for that…what about unofficially?

It would be something great if it would be in the API - for example that a iframe on Html doable is

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I’ve already tried Iframe. It doesn’t work.