Embedding w2 into my website problems

I tried embedding my page into my website, and it took me to a cat video with nothing to do with my site. I thought it was supposed to embed my site page into my website/?

Thanks for your feedback. It should sync to your room when you select another video. Does that work?

ok the video is playing from my room in my website, but there are no controls for using video chat etc

Thanks for the details. At the moment the embedded version has fewer features than a regular room. It mainly features the video and the player controls. Users can join the regular room for the full experience. I’m currently experimenting with the embedding feature to figure out what’s actually needed there. How would you like to use it?

ok, looks like you can join full room by clicking upper-left icon

Yes that’s the idea. You get a limited experience in the embedded version and can then join the room if you want. Maybe that has to be made a bit clearer.