Easy way to hide chat

There’s a keyboard shortcut (f) to hide the playlist, can there be such a shortcut to hide the chat?

Me and my friends use Discord to do our chatting, we’d like it if we can get rid of it to make more space for a larger video. Currently, we have to use Firefox element picker/editing jank to get rid of these features, and if we close/refresh the page, we have to do it again.

Edit: While I’m at it - can we have a way to hide the Online Users, and the Suggested Videos beneath? Ideally for my friend, there’d be a way to make nothing but the video be on the page, without having to use fullscreen.

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Thanks for your feedback! Hiding everything but the video would take away much of what the whole Watch2Gether experience is about. But I understand that some users want more flexibility and I have this point on my agenda.


Hey florian,

The main purpose of watch2gether for us is so the video can more easily be synced between us. We still chat while doing so, just on another platform, or within calls. I’m not really aware of any alternatives that so easily synchronize the videos we want to watch.

I’ll be happy to pay for a PLUS subscription as a means to hide the chat and other elements we don’t have a use for - or if they’re added as part of the free experience, I’ll subscribe just out of appreciation lol

Thanks for making and maintaining this website, it’s been quite useful!


Thanks for your feedback once more. I keep your offer in mind :slight_smile:


:smiley: We use our Phones and Put it To the Full-Screen :grinning:

Hey sikkuzumlo,

That is true, I could set up my phone on my desk as a “2nd monitor” and fullscreen it and do some setup to get audio split to my speakers… but it’s a little more trouble than it’s worth :frowning: Thank you for the suggestion though!

My feedback has been heard and considered, so that’s enough to make me happy. Thanks again!

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