Does watching through watch2gether add views to the video's viewcount?

This is by no means important, but I was just wondering if watching YouTube videos through watch2gether adds views to the viewcounter of the video. I didn’t find an answer for this from you guys, but according to the YouTube embed documentation, watching videos from YouTube does add to the viewcount of said video if said view matches a few of the criteria. Do you guys have any experience with this?

Again, this is by no means important, I’m just curious and I want to know if streamers started using this to watch videos with their fans, they’d be able to add all those views to the original video, thus supporting the creator more than just watching the video on stream

Thanks for your question. I don’t really have an answer since the exact way how Youtube counts view is not known and keeps changing over time. In theory it should count since its legit human view but i can not tell for sure.