Discord bot to generate a room link with selected video?

Hey @user_95f53b7185f71fb! May I have the information needed for implementing this bot, please?

Could I get the information as well please! Thank you! :slight_smile:

May I as well get the information? It would be a big help to me and my friends.

hello Florian! It looks like it’s been a minute since you replied with the API info to create a discord bot. I would love to get that info too, or any update. Thank you!!!

hey can i have it aswell?

Hello there, could I get the information as well please! Thank you! :smile:

Bonjour, pourrais-je également obtenir l’API

Could I get the documentation to also implement this feature on a discord bot?

Could I also get in on this, I recently started working on a discord bot and would love to add this.

Can I please get it too

Hello there
Could I possibly get the api for this
It’s a very interesting idea that I’d love to try on my server

Is it possible I could get the access to this aswell? I would like to try making this for a discord bot aswell :slight_smile:

I just sent you a PM!

Hey, Im doing the same thing as everyone else here.
I would like access aswell :smiley:

Hey, check this out Watch2Gether API Documentation

Can you send it me too?

Please check this out! Watch2Gether API Documentation

is there a way to get informed once a bot has been made?

Hi! Do you mean you would like to use a bot that has been made by someone else?

Yes, exactly. I think the idea is awesome but I don’t have the knowledge to code one