Disable chat name window?

Can I disable the “chat room name” box that pops up when people first navigate to the room?
Your site is fantastic and a great tool but I’m trying to make a single watching event as idiot-proof as possible
with the least amount of steps for a crowd to watch a video at a party.

Hi… no currently this can not be disabled. When users have a registered Watch2Gether account, they are not asked to pick a nickname when they enter a room. But i guess this is not an option for you. Tell me more about your plans, maybe you can convince me to add such an option :slight_smile:

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Hi Florian. Thanks very much for responding so quickly. You have created a great resource, way easier than Vimeo or Facebook or Youtube live. So, to address your suggestion: how do I shorten the url? What I’m using this for is the following: at a party of about 100 people, I’m trying to have everyone watch a 1 minute video at the same time. There is no TV or monitor so I can’t use that and have to rely on everyone pulling out their phones. My choices to get people into the room are: 1. email everyone the link, which may delay things. Or, 2) write the address (URL) on a large poster and tell people to just open the browser on their phones and enter that address. But if anyone makes a mistake that will delay things. The shorter and easier to read URL the less chance of a screw up. Thanks, Josh.

Hi Josh, sorry for the late reply in this case. Did you try Watch2Gether at the party already? How do did it work out? This is a quite unique use case but I get your point. I’ll think about it!

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