Direct Video links

Heyo, I know under copyright and the like it’s hard to find websites to properly allow things to play across the board, and I could be wrong about this, but would it at all be possible to have it where W2G could sync with a download file? like ones on Google drive, Drive hosting is kinda iffy and at best you can sync on a chunk of websites, but could it be made more intuitive by direct linking videos for it to pull raw data from? or at least cache the, more then likely up to 200 to 300 MB’s a video then to immediately wipe the cache to load a new one. Of course if this isn’t possible I understand just a general thought or idea for future implementation or thought.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Direct links have to be hosted on a server that supports HTTPS and they need to be playable in a browser (mp4 for example) It’s a tricky thing to host these files on our servers for several legal reasons.