Direct MP4 Support

i would love to get a mp4 support. so i can upload a video on a web server and can watch it with friends, time synchron.

Hi… i agree with you, that this would be a nice addition. It’s a bit tricky legal wise since not all of the content would be copyright-cleared. But im confident that we can offer somthing similar in the near future…

Because of it, i think you should not allow to upload stuff, but user can paste a url like in it. I think so your out of the copyright or?

Its unfortunately not so easy… Displaying the external MP4 could be still seen as an act of publishing it and therefore trigger copyright related issues…

oh thats really stupid, but for the laws you cannot do anything. But thanks anyways.

Yes… but thanks for your input! I’ll update this thread when there is something new on this.

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