Direct link doesn't work again

It just doesn’t work again :frowning:

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It should work in general. Please make sure the link is https and in one of the supported formats.

I reported this bug to you once and you fixed it, since then I still play the same kind of videos, but the problem occured again. I would really appreciate, if you would be able to fix it again. Thanks

Direct link I use (It will expire idk when):

Hmm i’m not sure. The link you provided works fine for me. Maybe it was just a temporary issue?

When this happens, can you make a right click on the page and select “Inspect” and post a screenshot of the “Console” tab?

Was it you, or it fixed itself, because it somehow work now.


No I did not change anything. It could be that one of your browser extensions is causing the trouble…

It wasn’t problem only for me, everyone in room had that issue and if you mean adblocks, I turned them off, but it works fine now

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe it was an issue with your source URL then!

Yeah, so it’s still broken :grimacing:

Hmm… is the link you are trying to play working when you play it directly in the browser?

Yes, perfectly without any issues

Here’s link, if you want to try it yourself:

Okay i see the issue. The URL response with an error code when loaded in the player. Unfortunately there is nothing i can do about that since this happens on the server where the URL is hosted.

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Well that sucks, but thanks for solving this problem <3