Deleting videos from a playlist bugged

If I try and mass delete all the videos from a playlist, continuously deleting the one at the top, it will work up to a certain point then refuse to delete any more. Beyond that, it will then either for some reason begin letting me delete ones below that, closer to the bottom, or just completely stop working for an irregular amount of time until I’m able to start deleting video again. In a playlist with 50 videos, this could easily happen on average 2-3 times. I feel like mass deleting videos should be much more of a smooth experience instead of such a frustrating stop start affair.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes you are right, this should be a smoother experience. Would it be an option for you to simply delete the whole playlist and create a new one?

I will make this work better with one of the next releases.

Yeah, that’s definitely the best way to do it for now. Thank you very much for your reply and help.