Delete the default video on startup of a room

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of that annoying cat video that automatically starts playing whenever you enter a saved room? I’d like to delete it and put a new default video in that automatically starts playing upon entering the saved room. Thanks for the help!


The should only play if you have not played another video on the room. Which browser are you using?

Firefox. Yes, if you refresh the page if does go away. But, for watch parties, does it show up for everyone?

I just deleted a room because of this. I could not figure out where it came from. Went to create a new room and it was back like a ghost. At least make a default video some kind of 10 second ad for yourselves, instead of cats.

It used to be a music video. And I actually just came back to the service looking for it. But was sad to see it was replaced but cats. If anyone knows the video, do you mind linking it please?