Default Video and Automatic Playback

First of all, let me just say that W2G is awesome! I currently use my room as a sort of interactive TV channel on my website. Viewers who visit the front page of the website see only the video player, which gives the impression of a live broadcast, even though behind the scenes, our members in the room are managing the videos and playlists that we watch. For this reason, it would be helpful to change the default video. It would also be very helpful if automatic playback were enabled upon loading the room, as opposed to having to hit play when the first user joins the room. That would definitely create the feel of a 24-hour TV channel. Thanks again for this fantastic site!

Thanks a lot for your input! Currently we are experimenting a bit with the default video. You will see more options for this in the future. Would you like to share the link to your website here? Would be interesting to see what you have built with Watch2Gether.

Great to hear! Thanks for considering my suggestions. Here is the link to my website:

Also, here is my full W2G appreciation thread in case you haven’t seen it, where I describe how I implemented it:

Thanks a lot for your story! I’ll let you know when there are other options available for the default video!

As a follow up… Room which are created by a Watch2Gether +PLUS user do not have a default video anymore. See: