Deezer on mobile phone


I tried to test watch2gether on an android phone via Chrome and Firefox. When I play Deezer songs, the website ask me to log in to my deezer account. Then I log, the page bring me back to the room watch2gether room and I try to play. Again the page ask me to log in to Deezer. It seems that the login is not saved on mobile phone : my friends encoutered the same issue. So I cannot listen more than 30 seconds of deezer songs on mobile phone. Is it a known issue ?

Thanks for your answer,


Hi there, unfortunately yes this seems to be a limitation of Deezers playback SDK. I guess that they want people to use their app on mobile phones. I’ll have a second look the next time i work on the player but for now there is no real solution. - Florian

Hi Florian,
Thanks for your fast answer. This is what I expected but I wanted to be sure :slight_smile:
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