Dealing with the “lag” time

Is there anyway the lag time can be reduced? We are trying to play to the same karaoke from remote locations but my partner and I don’t seem to be in Sync with the music. I understand there will be ‘lag’ in playing the music/video for remote locations. A critical success factor and a bug boost for Watch2gether will be to minimize the video/audio lag. Can the system be improved to minimize the lag, such as, simulating the video play as though they are started simultaneously for the locations that are trying to connect. You may limit the maximum locations for this feature to say 3-4. It will be a great boost for the product. I/we Enjoy Watch2gether but with a bit of discomfort. If you can improve this, kudos to you. Thanks for listening.

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Thanks a lot for your input… May i ask how you measure the lag? Most likely the video does actually play in-sync but the perceived lag is caused by the webcam / audio link between the users. There is definitly room for improvement although this one is quite hard to tackle.

My partner is located remotely. We came up with an idea of playing to a duet karaoke to a zoom session (zoom session is an irrelevant reference for this discussion so, please bear with me on that.) When our lines to the music are back to back, either I am still singing when the music for my partner’s line already started or my partner is still singing while music to my line has already started. This causes a problem in synchronization. During some sessions the lag is profound (like almost about a quarter second) and while playing synchronized music it sounds tacky. If you can resolve this, Watch2Gether will become a product with a great breakthrough.

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You make a fine point, SKannan_W2G. Whoever solves the karaoke duet synchronization problem will end up stealing the thunder!

I have exactly the same sync issue: we are a few friends in different locations and trying to be a chorus (from at least 4 locations). However we found the lag or delay makes it almost impossible to be enjoyable. If this issue could be resolved or significantly reduced, i would be very happy to pay monthly/yearly fee.

Are you speaking about the delay in the webcam system?

Sorry, I should have replied here.
I don’t think it is the ‘Webcam System’ issue.

I Do not know the definition of ‘webcam system’.
What I am talking about is, “When multiple folks singing to the same karaoke from different geographic locations, the music is lagging between each location so much so that it are not in sync”; Whether we record in Zoom or not. It has nothing to do with turning in the webcam in W2G.

It is in the timing of playing the music.