Dark Mode, Fullscreen chat, Google/Netflix?

New to the site and just slowly getting the hang of it, but I do have some feedback which hopefully could be addressed.

I think a set “Dark Mode” option would be amazing for the site, like how Twitter or Youtube does it where everything around contrasts well with the background and it’s not just changing the background colors. For instance, changing the background color in a room on here just makes the bright text boxes in chat pop out more and it’s still not very pleasing to the eyes.

Not everyone can be okay with the smaller video player on the screen, some people would want to make whatever it is being watched to be fullscreen. It also helps get rid of the other distractions that could be on the screen when trying to watch something. But when doing that, it gets rid of chat and thus getting rid of the whole point of using the site to “watch together” because the chat goes away. Is there a way you can make it so the chat can be positioned on a side of the screen when going into fullscreen mode on the video player? If not, there should be an option for that!

I’m not sure how difficult it is to incorporate a browser into the site itself, but if at all possible I think the option of searching through Google would add so much versatility into the site. I understand this could mean the bad kind of versatility as well so it’s up to you guys. However, if you can’t or choose not to do that then would it be possible to have more video sites available to search through? The big ones that come to mind would be Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, or Hulu. I know these all require accounts so it could be tricky to get to work, which is why just the default Google browser might be better in this case.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with these ideas but I figured I’d start up a thread on it all to get some discussion going. I think this is a golden opportunity for whoever runs the website to seize, with Rabbit on the decline and people looking for more way to enjoy watching shows or movies over the internet. I hope we get a response at least.

Thank you for your time!


Thank you very much for getting in touch, i really appreciate that you took some time to write down your feedback!

  • Dark Mode: Did you try to set a dark color and play around with the background opacity setting?

  • Browser: Watch2Gether is designed to be extensible and more and more platforms are being added. This is, however, limited to platforms that have an open API. For others you can try to use W2gSync. How to use W2gSync

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Thanks for the response!

Yeah I’ve tried playing around with the darker background colors but I wish that would change the text boxes as well, so that they contrast well with the background and not remain this bright white color that messes with the eyes still while watching.

I do understand about the browser though, hopefully you’ll be able to get more platforms in the future though!

I really hope the updates and things remain consistent with this site though cause the potential is pretty amazing, big fan of the basics for now!


Obviously sharing subscription based services such as your listed Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, and Hulu will not be allowed as this is against the service providers terms of service as it would be too widely abused. The service providers would have the streams shut down as their would be no reason to sign up (pay) for their services if one person could host all of their content for the world to see.