Dailymotion videos won't play in chatroom

Everytime I try to add a video from Dailymotion, and watch it with my friends, it glitches. The video will make like it will play, then stop, then play again, and continue this process, timeline literally skips to the end and restarts playing and glitches again and restarts playing, not letting me watch anything at all. Just a constant cycle of false start playing. The video plays fine in dailymotion on their website, no problem, plays without any false starts or glitching, but with me I see nothing in Watch2Gether chatroom video player just false start playing and then replaying again… Is there anyway to fix this, I’ve refreshed the page, signed out and in again, and restarted my laptop, everything I can think of but the problem still persists.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We are currently working on a new player system which improve the overall experience. Can you provide me the following information about your system:

  • Operating system and version
  • The browser you are using
  • The version of flash player installed (type about:plugins in the address bar and look for Adobe Flash Player)

Are your friends experiencing the same problems?

I’m having the same issue;
I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium, using Google Chrome when I encountered the glitch, Adobe Flash Player Version:
So far, I haven’t invited any friends to my room to see if they’re encountering the same problem.

Thanks for your feedback as well. This seems to be an issue with Dailymotion and adblockers. Could you try disabeling your adblocker and check whether that helps? We are currently working on a new player system that should handle this issue better. This will be released within the next 1-2 weeks.

The player on Watch2Gether has been upgraded now. Do you still have issues with Dailymotion?

I am having an issue with it skipping to the end of the video on daily motion

Hi!.. What exactly is not working when skipping to the end in daily motion?

I’m using an android device with both the native browser and Chrome and I’m coming across an issue where Dailymotion vids will not play at all for me now.

Do you know which android version you have on that device? Can you try and delete your browser cache and see if that makes a difference?

Thanks for these details. Can you play videos if you go to http://www.dailymotion.com with that browser directly?

Thanks i’ll try to get access to this device so that i can reproduce this problem.